Transnational Partners


The Business Location South Tyrol (BLS) has a residence in Bolzano. It provides an all service oriented consulting for companies and investors from home and abroad for relocation questions. more>>




We at Tampere Adult Education Centre offer various possibilities for international co-operation. With over 15,000 adult students taking the path to success with us every year, we want to learn, progress and succeed together.  We are happy to collaborate with you on improving competence-based qualifications, vocational educations, student guidance, as well as enterprise services. More >>


Dynamika Management is a company specialized in the provision of Business Analysis, Business Mentoring and Temporary Management solutions. We target large companies, international groups, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups. more>>



Euro-Fincontact's partners form a team which is highly specialized in most of the aspects relating to SMEs growth, strengthening and internationalization. More>>





Match Up SRLs is a Start Up, founded with the aim of meeting the need for innovation in the professional sector of Italian tourism. The organization has focused on the following activities: Consulting and design in the field of tourism, leisure, sport, entertainment and related sectors, the cultural and environmental heritage.



The European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF) is an organization dedicated to education, training, qualification and certification in the field of welding and related technologies.

Developing a mutually accepted International System for Training Qualification and Certification of both welding personnel and companies using welding, has made EWF a pioneer organization responding to one of the most demanding markets needs, the need for qualified personnel.

EWF is closely monitoring the unfolding trends that are shaping Europe’s and the world’s manufacturing, as well as working side-by-side with the European thought leaders that are defining the region’s industrial future.

The Federation’s long-term commitment to drive the state-of-the-art in qualifications has led to the exploration of the most recent and advanced ICT tools, enhancing digital integration in learning, teaching, training and youth work at various levels, including online, webinars and other new forms of training.

  First private distance learning University in Spain created by law in 2006. MOU belongs to the business group created by CEF.- Business School. This institution was founded in 1977and has more than 400,000 alumni. MOU encourages ICT support in Learning Systems and it's oriented towards Research and Innovation.


University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin (WSEI) is a non-state higher education institution, funded in 2001. WSEI offers full university degree programmes in a range of academic disciplines. WSEI offers a distinctive educational experience, through a range of vocationally related courses / undergraduate, graduate & postgraduate courses, incl. economics, management, computer science,  supported by a strong research and knowledge transfer activities (Centre for Information Technology and Transport Safety).

The “Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII” Association (APG23) is an INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF THE FAITHFUL OF PONTIFICAL RIGHT. Ever since its foundation in 1968 by Father Oreste Benzi, it has embraced a practical and constant commitment to combatting marginalization and poverty.

The Association is present in 40 COUNTRIES across five continents, manages 520 DIFFERENT CENTERS all over the world and runs several projects in order to address the different needs of about 41,000 VULNERABLE PEOPLE. The intervention is characterized by the choice of MORE THAN 2000 MEMBERS to share their lives with vulnerable and marginalized people, both children and adults, through family homes, canteens for the poor, reception centers, therapeutic communities for drug and alcohol addicted, open families and prayer homes. The Community is also active with projects for emergency humanitarian relief and is present also in conflict zones in the form of our non-violent peace corps “Operation Dove".

"The idea of lifelong learning constitutes main focus of the Green Elephant Foundation's activity. We believe the need for self development is one of the basic human needs and a primary factor driving the development of human civilization. We make people learn and help them stay mentally active.

The founder Mr. Jacek Rębacz is himself an author of several novels being published by the biggest Polish publishing houses.

NTIM delivers WEB based services to facilitate monitoring, management and operation of transnational projects. Over the last years NTIM has been involved in direct project operation, targeting European mobility activities and implementing ECVET principles in competence development, mapping and documentation. In cooperation with EUROMASC , NTIM continues the Leonardo da Vinci and LLP support activities with the use of ECVET principles in EQF oriented environments at national, sectoral and international levels. The YOMTOOL, Skillsbank & Skillstube projects are examples of this type of developments.

The Berufsförderungsinstitut Wien (BFI Vienna) is the leading institute of employee-oriented vocational adult education. Its supporting organizations are the AK Wien and the ÖGB. The clients of the BFI Vienna are employed persons and job searchers, the Public Employment Service, the Vienna Employees Fund (WAFF), ministries, authorities of the EU as well as companies from different industries. The BFI Vienna offers training (, qualification), education, activation and advisory measures. The subsidiaries are the universities of applied sciences of the BFI Vienna, schools of the BFI Vienna (commercial academy and commercial school) and JobTransfair Gemeinnützige Arbeitskräfteüberlassung GmbH. More >>

BASD is an NGO in public benefit - a part of network of research organizations, regional agencies, institutions in all Balkans and EU.

Activities: Socio-economic and sustainable development; Applying, implementation and management of EU funded projects; Energy efficiency and energy renewable sources; Architecture; Activities related to development of the labor market, preservation of human resources and policies in this area, demographic trends, protecting human rights; lifelong learning, development of education and training; Arts and Culture; Social inclusion, social economy, social and health services; Regional development, cross-border, transnational, interregional cooperation; Tourism, Rural Development; BASD have: Experts in training, research, innovations, needs analyses; awareness raising and networking.

Member of Bulgarian platform for international development, Anna Lindh Foundation, Global Compact; representative for the Balkans of the Earth Charter