Social Responsibility

The Förderagentur and respectively their employees are involved in the following initiative:



„Arbeit durch Management/PATENMODELL“ is a national initiative of the Diakonie, in which mentors – also called “Jobpaten” – support underprivileged or indigent people to find a job through professional, honorary consultation.


“It´s a matter of heart to share my networks, contacts and experience with my fellow citizens, who have currently problems on the labor market, in order that they can get a chance to take part in the labor market again”, Dr. Andreas W. Huber, chief executive of the EureCons Förderagentur GmbH, declares.  


The initiative „Arbeit durch Management/PATENMODELL“ has longstanding and award-winning experience with the management of highly qualified volunteering segment. The focus is on honorary consultation and placement of job-seeking persons from different target groups, and on support of school students during the passage from school to job in Germany.