Subsidy Consulting

EureCons Förderagentur GmbH sees itself as a consulting and service company for public funding and business consulting.

EureCons' central field of competence is also based on professional advice and support in all matters relating to public funding programs for the EU, the federal government and the federal states.

We have many years of experience from the application of acquisition management and we have numerous contacts to networks, funding organisations and promoters at the levels: regional, national and international. Our network is widespread, so we can connect your organization to partners from various sectors.

We have a wide range in experience to provide for project partners in Europe, such as:

Funding research – scanning the funding landscape

Risk management – focusing and evaluating your projects and plans regarding eligibility

Funding advice – Selection of appropriate funding and coordination request 

Funding assistance – Creating the funding application and Review of decisions.

Financial planning and clarification of the co-financing opportunities  

Networking– Process moderation, contacts, clarification and  probing conversations with funders and network partners 

• Obtaining specialist Expertise

Our competencies:

  • Funding advice and acquisition
  • Sound project development and planning (project management and project coordination)

For companies and other organizations, there are numerous opportunities for funding in Germany. An overview of possible funding pots offers the following overview.


Your project:


Our approach:
Phase 1:
Phase 2:


Together with its network of experts, EureCons Förderagentur GmbH determines the eligibility of your project and supports you in the further process (application process) so that the financing of your projects can be realized as quickly as possible.
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All the information you provide will of course be treated confidentially and will not be forwarded to third parties without your consent.