Digitization consulting

Holistic planning of digital transformation and successful implementation

Digitization & E-Government -> Of course, but how?

More and more public institutions and municipalities have to deal with this question. The process of digitization and the associated implementation of e-government are creating high demands on cities and communities.

But where should one start and what has to be digitized? That's just one of the questions that arises in this context. But she is also the most important. Because: Each municipality has an individual organization and individual requirements. Therefore, a fundamental analysis of these prerequisites is required to successfully shape the digital transformation.

This is exactly where the DigiTrans - Administration Analytics comes in. With this tool, the individual requirements of an authority can be holistically collected and analyzed. The result is a comprehensive investigation of the actual state.

Our Approach

1.) Definition of goals with the client
2.) Interviews with decision makers and employees
3.) Inventory of infrastructure
4.) Software-based analysis of the actual state
5.) Evaluation with recommendations for action to achieve the goals
6.) Accompaniment to the target state

Your Benefit

1. Rating of the organizational state
Employees, Knowledge Structure, Technical Requirements

2. Structured Investigation Report / Guide
- Results of the actual status
- Recommendations and justification
- Support in the development of the Digital Roadmap

Who we are

Our team is an interdisciplinary association of IT, consulting and organizational development.




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