Swabia as a Service Region of Tomorrow   

Aiming to Sustain (assist, aid) Ageing Society Swabia has Networked a Service that will be Developed in the Next Three Years 

"Flexible, individualized service networks" (FISnet) is a project funded with 4.8 million Euro by the BMBF (German Ministry of Education and Research). It involves 27 partners from different sectors, such as politics, science and medicine, economy and management, education and civic engagement. The objective of the project is to develop models for networked health services, which in the future will be able to react better on individual life situations and complex problems or problem clusters of a rather exclusive group of people, esp. 55-75 years olds who need to contend with and handle age transition. FISnet is not only a research project, but rather a project of implementation, application and design. Therefore, peculiar service offers will be developed in different companies. Above all, it is important, that the offers will be matched, as complex problems need collaborative services. Successful models will be further expanded in other regions and transferred to other companies, public bodies etc. As a project partner – implementer (manager) Eurecons Förderagentur GmbH is responsible for the development of a relevant structure of the network and long term supervision and monitoring of companies’ economic needs.