Sales Partner for Armoring Solutions

Eurecons Förderagentur GmbH was able to establish contacts with a number of armoring solutions companies through its activities in the field of subsidy consulting. The cooperations grew throgh funding projects have evolved into distribution partnerships. In the meantime, EureCons Förderagentur GmbH represents 2 different companies and supports them both in the construction of supply chains and directly as an integral part of the sales channels.

Overview of our Sales partnerships for armoring solutions

AGP Group  Specialist in the field of safety glass.
 Armored Car Systems Developer and manufacturer of manufacturing solutions for protected vehicles.

Automotive industry, Automakers and Defense

Armored vehicles can be used not only for military but also for

  • Internal security forces
  • VIP Transport
  • Valuables transport
  • Bank treasury transportation / Busses
  • Emergency services
  • Fire engines
  • Construction equipment
  • Rebel forces
  • Prisoner transport
  • Tornado chasing