Dr. Gerald Marimon

Dr. Gerald Marimón, born 1967, trained Lawyer, is Founding  Head  of fiib feedlab-institute, Augsburg, estd. 2009. Dr.  Marimón’s  management career has brought him from  Augsburg, Germany to  India, the PRC, the US and many  European Countries. He holds  his  expertise in communication  methodolgy, system of processes for legal compliance and  integrity management and software  for data collection, analysis and reporting.

His privately funded institute enables organizations to centrally manage deployment of surveys and helps organizations establish a dialogue with their employees, partners, and customers. The it-systems, developed by his institute,  can be applied by companies operating in different fields from business services, consumer goods, financial services, government and public services, healthcare, manufacturing, media and communication, non-profit and other associations, research and professional services, retail, technology and travel.

The institute’s services procure a. o. Type Indicator Assessments based on online and offline questionnaires, designed to measure preferences in how employees and management staff perceive the cooperative environment and make business decisions. They are being used by renowned partners in the areas of career counseling, team building, group dynamics, professional development, leadership training, executive coaching, life coaching and personal development.