Mrs Elona Kemal

Mrs Elona Kemal comes from a legal background and has wealth of experience in the property sector.

Her experience crosses many sectors: Education, Information Technology, Real Estate and Law.

After graduating from Vilnius University with a degree in English Philology, Mrs E. Kemal pursued her passion for studying Business Law at Harry S Truman College, Chicago (USA).

After a year of teaching experience, Mrs E. Kemal was offered a challenging role of Deputy General Manager in an IT company based in Belgium, where she introduced effective management systems and negotiated major contracts, and also gained considerable experience of fundraising, acquisitions and development of international growth.

In 2011 Mrs Elona Kemal gained a Law Degree at BPP University College in London (UK).

Being a versatile professional, Mrs E. Kemal pursued her career in the challenging property industry where she led multi-million property investment and development projects that offered Mrs E. Kemal the opportunity of combining her analytical and legal skills and enabled her to determine the intricacies of businesses environment.

After implementing her legal knowledge and gaining marketing skills in the real estate industry, Mrs Elona Kemal joined EureCons team in 2018.

Mrs E. Kemal handles search for a wide range of clients, at the same time she is responsible for all aspects of planning, which includes research of the clients and their market place, as well as developing marketing strategies.