EureCons Academy


1. Online courses for children and young adults:

a) English for the beginners 

b) Private course in English

c) English with the focus on American literature 


2. Online courses for companies:

a) Business English

b) English and communication

c) Private course in English


a)         Training with Knowledge Application in Practice / From knowing to Growing

Recent studies show that continuing education is strongly anchored in corporate culture and is a major contributor to professional safeguarding. Qualified employees have become the decisive factor for companies’ innovative success more than ever before. Ideally, continuing education programs benefit both businesses and workers.

Businesses encourage continuing education in order to sustain a highly skilled and specialized workforce - a workforce with the skills to perform a variety of tasks or workers with “cross-functional” skills. Workers, on the other hand, may receive promotions, gain more power in the job market, or become more valuable employees by enrolling continuing education programs.

EureCons Academy provides employees with necessary continuing education that respectfully allows companies expect the return on investment (ROI).

  • Communication

    Personal, clear and transparent communication is guaranteed by every lecturer at the Academy. The participants will always receive personal attention.
  • Competence

Aiming to meet high professional and didactic requirements requisite in our seminars our management team personally select lecturers whose professional qualification is of highest importance at EureCons Academy.

  • Quality

Our lecturers are recognized because of work ethics and quality that derives from long years of training experience. The Academy also guarantees quality-driven development for Quality 4.0, the stress being laid on people, innovation process and maturity.

b)        Approach for the EureCons Academy

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”  (Aristotle)

"As an interculturalist, I strongly value the diversity of learning styles and the unique perspectives - both individual and cultural - that our students may bring to our e-learning classroom.
As a result, our academy strives to provide an environment where learners feel comfortable in expressing their needs and opinions and believe that our students benefit and learn from that process.
We believe that "teaching and learning" is "communication" or a holistic process in which there is a co-creation of meaning between learners and instructors.
A professor may inspire, but students should be actively engaged in the learning process for it to be successful. With up to date information from different fields we collect for practical tasks to be accomplished by our students we attempt to inspire them to get more information. In an effort to give students greater ownership of the knowledge they encounter, we use cooperative and active learning strategies as well as lecture in our classroom and try to develop assignments that foster both analytical and critical thinking and opportunities for creative application." (Prof. dr. Loreta Huber)


Prof. Dr. Loreta Huber CEO EureCons Academy

“Many years ago, still a university student, I began teaching English as a second language. As I come from a versatile environment, thus, had a brilliant opportunity to taste American, British, Italian, Israeli and German cultures.

I truly believe that the power of cultures can be used to build strong families and communities.

In 2014-2017 I worked at EuCRF (European Centre for Research & Financing) in Israel and in 2017 was appointed a Managing Director for the Baltic States at Decura Akademie GmbH (Germany).

As an interculturalist, I strongly value the diversity of learning styles and the unique perspectives - both individual and cultural - that my students may bring to the classroom. As a result, I strive to provide an environment where students feel comfortable in expressing their needs and opinions and believe that the entire class benefits and learns from that process.”


Rachel Maddox is an American English teacher. She is experienced in teaching Upper Intermediate levels B1 and B2 as well as Upper Intermediate Business English.

“I originally come from Florida (USA) and hold a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Central Florida in Orlando (Florida, USA).

I worked as an executive in the NBA for the Orlando Magic franchise before moving to Europe to realize my true calling for teaching English as a second language.

I totally support William Arthur Ward’s idea that “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”


Elona Kemal is our tutor of English with the main focus on Legal English. Her experience crosses many sectors: Education, Information Technology and finally Law.

“After several years of teaching experience, I was offered a challenging role of Deputy General Manager in an IT company based in Belgium, where I gained considerable experience of fundraising, acquisitions and development of international growth.

I have a moto that I came across in the book of Chinese proverbs:

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”