Welcome to Eurecons Förderagentur GmbH

We can offer networking between different governmental bodies, funding agencies, lead partners and political decision makers on an international, national and regional level.

The linkage between an integrated analysis and consulting is also the basic rationale behind subsidy management.

As the founder of EureCons Förderagentur GmbH I am leading a company of experts for issues on organizational development and project management.
Thereby, we rely on a competent and experienced team from different disciplines. In this way, we can offer our clients (organizations, communities or intermediary) integrated solutions.

Our service:
• Analysis of your opportunities to receive different grants and public funding,
• Project applications from project outlines to coordination and presentations, guidance in reporting, evaluation or creation of cross-references
• Building a faithful and sustainable relationship with our clients and supporting them in realizing their aims.

About us

Eurecons Förderagentur GmbH is a private consulting and research company, operating nationally and internationally. It was founded in 2011.

As an association of interdisciplinary, cooperating experts from science and practice, as well as international partners, Eurecons Förderagentur GmbH offers support for companies and local authorities in all areas of strategic development and analysis (market research, forecasting, SWOT analysis, surveys, etc).

In addition, Eurecons Förderagentur GmbH offers support in management services, creation of consortia, as well as funding advice.

Within the framework of European national and international projects we support our clients from brainstorming, through the search for partners, to active support in overall management.

An efficient and sustainable Quality Management is also an integral part of our consultation.

The focus in the European projects is currently on programs such as Horizon 2020, Erasmus, ESF and Interreg.

Eurecons Förderagentur GmbH sees itself as an interface between consulting and research, as well as a door opener for Europe.